• vision

    Yum Studio

    We are a bridge between people, ideas and technology. We specialise in developing Creative Media and Blended Learning with a strong core in storytelling.

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  • Love U

    Love U - A short film screened, projected and narrowcast on various platforms.
  • dhs violence

    Blended Learning - Content

    The context was avoiding violence so we suggested a video that first showed how bad things can get.

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  • ta phin

    Creative Media - Arts

    Ta Phin

    A series of photographs, written journal entries and video documentary made with the women of Ta Phin village in northern Vietnam.


  • leo cussen

    Blended Learning - Mentoring

    Leo Cussen engaged Yum Studio to get some new ideas about enhancing their existing course materials for the online component of the Practical Training Course.


  • aunties

    Creative Media - Design

    The Aunties

    This is an ezine for women of a particular age, footloose and into travel and adventure. However they are all sisters so it was important to show their connection through time.


  • gecko

    Blended Learning - Consultation

    Yum provided a blueprint for typical features RTOs will look for in LMS for content, social interaction, integration with Web2, multimedia and eLearning self paced content.


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Welcome to Yum

Welcome to Yum Studio our small creative media and blended learning studio. We are ready to delight, challenge and work hard to support the best kind of projects and storytelling. Maybe subscribe to get the Yum Wrap, an irregular epistle from Erin, Mick and guests that might help you get your story on....

What we do is purpose built, so it fits perfectly, tailor-made. Check out our service pages for a great showcase of stuff we built that we love, and might give you some ideas of what we can do, with you at your place.

Our creative services are categorised in Creative Media which are a mix of Arts, Video, Consultation, Design, Web, Professional Development and things we do with our community through Leadership.

Meanwhile in Blended Learning our work includes Consultation, Content, Mentoring, Professional Development, Video and the work we do with the learning community through Leadership.

We'd love to help you to make a bridge between your people, your ideas and technology?

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