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Dance on dear Marge...

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Jim and Marge Welsh flew down the Melbourne Road to Ballarat in their borrowed Jaguar. It was December 1960. They arrived at the dance studio, upstairs at 12 Armstrong Street North, to be greeted by studio owner Marg Morcombe waving at them from the big steel windows that fronted the building. Jim and Marge had no idea that this was the beginning of a long legacy they would build in Ballarat.

Hands on for workshop presentation simplicity

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Workshop presenting is a tough gig. Be it that big international conference, a masterclass for peers, or a quick 1 hour filler for internal staff. Audiences demand new ideas, snappy audio visual presentations and opportunities to play with your ideas and skills demonstrations. Coming up with hands on activities that have relevance to participants’ professional context is the winning Division 1 Tattslotto ticket for most professional facilitators and presenters.

There are yardsticks everywhere of course but what about from the world of children’s television?

From Red to Purple

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What a fabulous turn out for Red, thank you all so much for joining us. Here are some images and thought provoking opening and closing, and some middle, lines that the crowd came up with. Find yours, then check at the bottom for feedback and naming the winner, who we can't name so hoping you will raise your hand in a comment below!!


Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer...

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Can you put your hand in your head? Oh no!

Me either... But we are putting our hand up for the Ballarat Cabaret Festival this year.

And we put our hand up when Tracy Bourne came and said 'have I got a show for you!" She did indeed.

DREAMER is about the poetry of dreams and dreaming, and the fine line between hope and delusion.


Burlesque Sideshow

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I LOVE BURELSQUE and I don't care if I'm shouting. It fabulous, fun, feminism with humour. Such a beautiful tradition of performance with female power. I LOVE IT.

We have been working with Miss Nellie Minelli and her troupe of fabulousness for a few years now. The most recent incarnation is Burlesque Sideshow - A Carnivale of Souls. Burlesque with story, character, plot and drama, with performacne, song and naughtiness.

Blood on Ballarat

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Creative media is never more creative than when linked with a cultural event. In this case the Death in July Festival posed such a fabulous challenge: women, crime, writing, serials, reading, talks, presentations, and the fabulous serialised crime story 'Blood on Ballarat'.

Project Grief

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Today I feel a bit sad. I have project grief. The project that I lived and breathed for eight months has finished. And clearly I have no idea what to do with myself.

The Inside Story was its name, project is here, and here, and here. But how often should I visit, and revisit, and talk about our relationship, endlessly, about how fabulous it was, until it ended!

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A City of Chaos & Hope

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It takes people to make a city. Literally, to dream it, to think it, to plan it, to build it. Figuratively, too bring it to life. A building, no matter how beautiful, is without life, until people walk through the door, laughing, singing, dancing, yelling, bell-ringing or to begin a journey.

Preview - The Inside Story

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Madame Yum here,

I have been loving working on a social history project called The Inside Story, and we are one week away from preview. Can you come?

Hawk Man Cometh

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One of the most difficult things to capture on screen is passion. I had no trouble with this bloke. Mickey Gee has passion coming out of his ears.

To heck with suspense

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To be a good writer, apparently, you need to be a good reader. I reckon you also need to be a good listener. At Yum Studio we are always writing; whether it be posts, articles, stories, screenplays, scripts, lots of weird and fabulous creative stuff. We always read it outloud, so... Listening to Kurt can't hurt, surely! Love Madame Yum.

Event Tweeting - Avoid being a repeater station!

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Here at Yum Studio we love twitter and we love events (art, technology, sports etc.) and we love TV. Put these together and you've just doubled, sometimes tripled, your entertainment. We have an old vintage projector stand to house the data projector through which we project on a wall adjacent to the tele, add the relevant hashtag to the tweet stream then sit back and enjoy the event through multiple mediums - social, visual, voice and soundtrack.

Footy is back and so is "Micks Footy Blog"!

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Here at Yum Studio, we love to write! Video scripts, elearning resources and scenarios, historical memories, art pieces you name it. You ask - We deliver! We love to blog too - currently we have 5 on the go! Today we spotlight one of those blogs for AFL footy is back this week! - Yes! It only seems like yesterday that we were raising the cup at the MCG on that one day in September last year!

Footy's return also means our Mick's Footy Blog is back too for it's third year. Intended as a satirical and humourous take on life, footy, popular culture and whatever comes into Mick's head, the Blog follows the fortunes of Collingwood, North Melbourne and Hawthorn in their progress throught the season.

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We're all winners

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What a fabulous party, thank you all for coming. And thanks to those who took time to vote, five seconds work for a glittering prize... not bad. And the fabulous winner is - drum roll please... In fact we got two winners - congratulations to Miss T and Janeway. Your glittering prizes are winging their way to you via email!

Well what an Oscars day it was... Some highlights:

Yum Studio 86th Oscars Party

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The fabulous fabulous awards season is upon us, and while we hate to brag, Yum Studio has again a nomination in every category. You believe? Want to win glittering prizes, and join the fun fun fun?

Radio Springs Eternal

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You simply must do yourself a favour and visit the Radio Springs Hotel at Lyonville. We did, and fell in love, with it, not each other, that happened quite some time ago, apparently! Though over a frothy Mickey Gee was looking a little handsome!

3 Ages of Moodle

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Moodle is a fantastic Learner Management System of that there is no doubt. Learning organisations can often struggle with Moodle implementation in determining how best it can compliment their operations and opportunities. Getting beyond a simple resource repository to an active teaching strategy with Moodle as the core takes time, resouces and creative thinking.

So to help break this down into a series of potential progressions in the use of Moodle, I've created a "3 Ages of Moodle" table to describe possible Moodle futures. The stages are  envisaged as a continuum reflecting growing confidence and dare with use of learning technologies.

Six Reasons

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There are many reasons to visit beautiful Ballarat. Some reasons are so totally fresh, others are as old as time itself (well after the swamp was reclaimed). Recently The Age put together a feature that included creative media made by us here at Yum Studio as just one reason to visit. There were some other great points of interest too - all connected to Yum. You believe?

We also figure we can put the best first... yeah!

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I’ve been fascinated by New Year discussions by RTO (Registered Training Organisation) personnel in various online traps around short comings with a type of understanding of eLearning that begins and ends with self paced online learning. Let me try to address some of the concerns I’ve heard from RTOs and those in the VET industry about eLearning.

Mick's Cinema

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I love films, I love going to the cinema, I love the rituals, I love the slow all-encompassing dark. For me, it's as much about the experience of viewing, as the film itself.

This year we have created a small intimate viewing experience called 'Mick's Cinema'. Its name belies the lushness of big comfy armchairs, huge windows that allow dusk to ebb to mid-night blue, flickering candles that burn in small red glass mosaic jars and big bold candelabras.