3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Mick’s Big Moments Round 6

Another Anzac day comes and goes and still we are no closer to the truth. Where is Essendon, West Coast and Fremantle?

After the annual morbid talk of the state of the goal and the need to reduce player numbers on the field, returning the 19th and 20th men or legislating for an unAustralian offside/backwards preventing rule, unlikely game redeemers Carlton and West Coast put on a bottler at the Docklands human pressure cooker.

Port Adelaide double their home crowd numbers after leaving behind the Footy Park Drive in experience for the lush modernity of Adelaide Oval. Spanking Geelong this round by a lazy 40 points the perfect anecdote to the Easter Monday defeat of the Hawks.

“It is what it is”, “As I say”, “It was an accident”, “Accidents do happen”. A series of Buddy quotes providing penetrating insights into the exact nature of the bingle on a Sydney side street that wiped out his girlfriend’s sponsor supplied Jeep as well as the parked vehicles of 4 innocent bystanders. Against Demons, cops a bit of a goading and whacking from Demon players being crashing his own knee in the second quarter. Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 7.27.36 PM Sunday afternoon sun and half a litre of coke, chocolate and bottomless pits of lollies each for a pair of disillusioned Tiger 6 year olds adjacent to us behind the Punt Road goals. Lads put up more fight than their Tigers as they wrestle, punch, kick and shake seats to the ongoing indifference of their mother and ignorance of their bourbon charged Dad. Thoughtfully they leave as a group early in the last quarter despite numerous Clarko style “bakes” from yours truly while keeping watchful eye for possible gorilla martial arts possessed Uncle.

Commando, Michelle and Shannon along with the Biggest Loser crew depart Ararat for Fremantle looking for new ideas to help lose weight off the runner up monkey now triple stitch sewn onto their back.

St Kilda’s Shane Savage costs a possible Sainter victory in the land of the long white cloud with a return ball piff way over the head off his opponent deep in the forward line with 44 seconds on the clock. 50 metre penalty shuts the door on the game.

Brent Boomer Harvey has the last laugh via Twitter after obliterating the tag of Ryan “Serial Pincher” Crowley on way to 29-possessions in the Roo’s shinboner spirit defeat of the Anchors at Subiaco.

Carlton and Collingwood awaits! Boo Mick, Hooray Bucks!!!! The Pavlovian dichotomy of the big screen response.

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