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Brownlow Magnificence Continuum

Enjoy our top moments in Brownlow infamy. The heart wrenching, rendering, and stopping moments that will live on for ever as chosen by Mick’s Footy Blog. Hover your mouse over each moment to take it the magnificence.

  • Black eyed Bob
    South Melbourne legend Bob Skilton picked up his third Brownlow appearing as if on the wrong end of a street fight. Thankfully for television symmetry, Bob had one on each eye. A congratulatory appearance on then TV Slugfest TV Ringside pre fight reinforced the package.
  • Last of the Popular Romantics
    Footscray champion and 2008 Brownlow winner Adam Cooney confessed in his speech that he'd sealed his now wife's engagement acceptance with a cheesy burger ring the couple had been sharing. He also thanked his mum: "I passed year 11, thanks to my mum," he offered. "She did most of my homework for me."
  • Diamond in the Rough
    Buck's wife Tanya had the shiny pebbles nearer to God than thee in this exquisite diamonte embedded externally worn g-string . I am refusing to use the word encrusted here.
  • Grant belts his chance......
    Dog Chris Grant belts Hawk Nick Holland to lose the 1997 Brownlow Medal when he was ineligible due to subsequent suspension. Days earlier the Dogs had sacrificed a sizeable lead over the Crows to lose a rare passage into a Grand Final.
  • Rats and Plugger
    The odd couple Hawk Johnny "Rats" Platten and Tony "Plugger" Lockett shared the podium in 1997.
  • The Giggler
    Swan Paul Kelly is a genuine legend both for his onplaying skill, guts and guile. Not sure as he totally expected to win during a giggle riddled refreshment enhanced acceptance speech in 1995 including an interesting live chat with his at home pregnant wife. One of the truly popular winners.
  • Couple implanted in love
    One time Sydney Swans owner Geoffrey Edelstein played show and tell implants on this grand Brownlow entrance. One is hidden with it's own eye, the other is on full display as if about to take an eye out.
  • Corey sits it out at Home
    Roo Corey McKernan had a steller season in 1996 a North Melbourne premiership year. He won and lost the Brownlow on suspension and took it in at home on the bean bag with the suit left on the rack.
  • Fevola misses siding points....
    We've all made train wreck mistakes played to the audience of family and friends where over time, shame turns to sniggers then legend. Only the brilliant do this live to air, after a few drinks, whilst in "charge" of a live studio cross.
  • All Hail the Velour Suit
    Bulldog Graham Teasdale brought home "Charlie" in this magnificent valour suit and bow tie ensuring his footy fashion monarchy would stretch on into immortality.
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