3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Crackajack Tweets from the 2014 Brownlow Medal

Gonna be a long night..

All hail the winner…

And his new possibilities…


Spare a thought for Ablett, who flew out of the box and would have won in a canter had injury not prevailed

Hirdy was there, or was he?

Is there a Doctor in the House, or at least the spirit world?

Contention about on trend ideas being ripped from the uninvited yet fashion savvy

The Whole Media obsession with “WAGS” came in for spot on stick…


We simply missed serious fashion analysis…

Some scoffed at the 80’s entertainment values on offer….

Others invoked metaphors to describe the cracking vote counting pace of the new AFL President

while that wasnt enough for some….

But was pushing buttons for Bruce in that devilish low vibrating grizzly layrnx way

The barrage of “Geek goes to Las Vegas” ads drained the will…

Not to mention the narrow band of advertising during the telecast

As for Channel 7’s walled social media garden…

After missing out on AFL Rising Star, Dog Marcus Bontempelli’s failure to get the nod on Goal of the Year caused outrage

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Hit me on the chest with your centimetre perfect pass