3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Hop for your life

The Japanese tourist chose the most poignant moment of the third quarter to stroll, without the need to show his membership card, down our aisle amongst the North Melbourne members to begin taking photos of his “experience” at an AFL game.

Quentin Lynch - CollingwoodShowing extreme patience with the Roos under siege from a rebounding Collingwood, the members tolerated his snaps of the stadium, the crowd and the exotic local sports cuisine. His final mistake to test the generosity of his hosts came when he turned the camera on himself for a selfie presumably with Quentin “The Pornstar” Lynch in the background.

A line had been crossed.

He’d traversed the boundary between archiving and indulgence. Normally good tempered bloke in front of me finally snapped and tapped him on the shoulder – “that’s enough mate” accompanied by a thumb pointing backward, hit the road Jack style.

He bowed with “of course, of course” and departed to stream the pics back to Japan. No one had the heart to tell him you can never get a signal out of Etihad

Taking heart from our visitors foray in the protected zone, a female Collingwood fan sneaks in to take the weight off her aching legs. Our member friend is on a roll and alerts the gatekeeper who asks for member credentials. She’s beaten and led away with enough time and space to get into her accusers ear as she passes.

I did not hear the full interchange but can report her retort as she was ejected was punctuated with “f’ing this, f’ing that”.

The match review will also have photos of Lindsay Thomas who collected Magpie Ben Reid off the ball. Both went down for the count, though Bucks later surmised in his post game press conference that Thomas was channeling a World Championship wrestling dive. Reid was escorted off, blood strewn, an unwilling outtake from a “The Life of the Orthodontist” educational video.

Thomas was in everything. Kicked three first quarter goals, kept the ball in the front half, was a constant stream of chat toward his opponents. He was denied an obvious mark in the third quarter, which would have halted the Pies run of 5 unanswered goals.  In fulfillment of the scriptures, the ball went out the other end for a major. Game ended effectively there.

Roos made a late charge but sprayed when had the chances. Pies looked cleaner despite host of stars out – Kraukeour, Shaw, Didak, and Ball. Lost Ben Johnson and Ben Reid by half way through the final quarter.

Look out for Quentin Lynch becoming a major social media star in Japan.

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