3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

9 + Lives

5457967748_fc3dc0d857_mJeff Kennett sold off a lot of things during his time as Premier of Victoria in the 90’s. Power, schools, Gas, Freeways. If only he had got Cabinet approval to sell off his mouth. In the lead up to this Easter Monday game, Jeff basked in the media spotlight of “Jeff’s curse”.

The “curse” arose after some cocky post 2008 flag comments about Geelong’s weakness in application, their fundamental flaw. Sort of like a missing bit you only find when you get home to assemble an Ikea lazy susan. Since then the Cats have rammed home their lack of fufillment by beating us now 10 times on the trot since that underdog 2008 Grand Final toppling. Somehow the media forgot Jeff’s curse meant a whole different thing to the voters of Victoria.

In this game, the Hawks dominated most of the first half before the ole curse crept in – missing goals when the momentum was with us. At half time while workshopping hot cross buns as a tool to mentor Jeff into silence, I felt an unease for I knew the cats were coming back. And so it came to pass.

Defeat I could handle – not so Jeff. Like a steak held before your pet, 3AW had Jeff on the blower live to air minutes after the siren to hear his thoughts. Now, Jeff doesnt not take the call, not realise his is now longer president of the hawks, not realise his number one haircut makes for a good head for radio. No he rants that Hawk coach Clarkson has under achieved, has got to go, has a beer gut, is bad to his pets, doesn’t like his haircut, put holes in walls, wrecks phones, lost the 2011 prelim etc.

The uproar that ensues sees Jeff say…….sorry. What? The?

In a flash I see the curse lifted. Renewed I now know we will not be beaten an eleventh game in a row come the Round 15 rematch.

Jeff has spoken – again.

Geelong 13 15 93 defeated Hawthorn 12 14 86

Photo Credit: JamesDPhotography via Compfight cc

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