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Walking on Sunshine

Today it’s carnival footy for the AFLW clash between Footscray and Collingwood. Both teams hyped pre-season as contenders but you sense that supporter tension has eased from the bulldog psyche with that boys’ premiership in the back pack. Up on … Continue reading

Let Love In

It’s a sweet joy on three levels to be back at Princess aka “Ikon” park. Preeminent among these is to witness the birth of the AFLW between traditional scallywags Carlton and Collingwood. They come on foot, by bus, by tram, … Continue reading

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Anzac Day marathon

We’re at a dampish MCG, out in the open alongside Tex Perkins as he performs an Anzac tribute song with voiceover provided by Ronald Dale Barassi who lost his father in World War Two. When the match begins, there’s over 89,000 … Continue reading

Bucks outwitted

Regular readers will recall my previous failed attempts to bring order and civility to the interpersonal conduct during the game where my partner Erin’s Magpies lines up against my Hawks. Earlier in the week there’s talk of going down to … Continue reading

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Leave your Pets at home

Collingwood purport to have over 70,000 paid up members yet only 28,339 fans in toto made it into Etihad stadium for this game. The game had a late start but really you’d reckon a few more of the faithful would show … Continue reading

99 Luft Balloons

From the constant torrent of one sided abuse masquerading as barracking from the Bourbon infused Pie supporter behind us, you’d think Anzac Day was a commemoration of umpire injustice. We’re deep in the Magpies members, city end amongst the solemnity … Continue reading

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No turn for the Worm

The sun set for us in the Collingwood Social Club overlooking the Yarra Harbour, beer in hand and glorious weather a pretext for the prevailing opening bounce optimism. Enter the Purple monster. The sun rose for Collingwood fans after their … Continue reading

The point of rebuilding

Sainter Barry Breen kicked 5 points in 1966 Grand Final but its the last one which is now infamous. Watch the game today and tension is palpable from the old videotape – high pitched exaltations of expectation and the fear … Continue reading

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Anzac Day 2013

A hushed reverence greets the battle weary elders as they take the MCG stage. Between them – numerous campaigns, untold formations, fallen comrades and tragic failed overseas expeditions. A knock about crew bound together by their collective combat experience. Their … Continue reading

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Springtime Dreaming

You’ve got to love the collective fan up against the odds. The Bulldog, the Demon, the Tiger who turns up week after week in the vague hope of victory. Like a smoker habitulised to the filth of acrid smoke sucked … Continue reading

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