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Bomber for a day #DonsTheSash

The march of 10,00 was on our heels. This is more game of wooden spoons than thrones. We quickened our step away from those public seating maruaders. As a “bomber for a day”  I can feel the tension of my companions – … Continue reading

4 stroke for 4 peats

Start you bastard!!! I screamed at the cursed ball of metal that had finally won the mind game against mowing the law. Or,  as I texted to a mate at a rapidity that motivated the spell checker to have one final dig: … Continue reading

AFL thrones Prince Charles

Prince Charles couldn’t give a rats toss about Aussie Rules. Yet he has been re-appointed to the role of patron by the AFL of the game in Europe on a two year deal. My palace sources tell me that on … Continue reading

Load it up and Bang it home

It still beggers belief that these unions continue on that last day of September. My daughter missed the Grand Final – against her wishes – by attending the wedding of a friends father. Even if you are not a footy … Continue reading

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Biffs, Bumps and Brawlers

Before we realised the long-term potential for groundhog day style damage from a king hit behind play, we excused footy commentary that oscillated between “Ohhhs!!” and “Wow!!!” and the elegant “It’s On!!!”  so long as within the parentheis of brawls, bumps and … Continue reading

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Sleeping Invigilators

Invigilator – person who supervises candidates during an examination. Hors-d’oeuvre, Smorgasbord and eating with mini me forks,  are concepts from a distant era populated by flamboyant kaftan and safari suit wearing types dancing to the beat of the monochrome world of the galloping … Continue reading

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Art is Life, Life is Footy

“if it doesn’t work …(I) take it off the table and stand it against the wall, hovering in front, rather like a slow motion film of an Australian rules football match with a player looking for an opening . . … Continue reading

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Frequent refunds for Frequent fliers

West Coast and Fremantle players will travel around 50,000 kilometres this year with Virgin Australia, the AFL’s chosen airline in their bid for a 2015 premiership. Those hours in the air bracketed by endless lounge waiting,  tedious queues through security, … Continue reading

My old mans a Goal Ump, he wears a dustmans cap

Post World War 2, the dustman’s coat was a euphemism for “work of a sort” favoured by factory supervisors, industrial cleaners, corner grocers, firemen,  in fact,  any occupation that required the reinforcement of authority in the vocational food chain, that … Continue reading


Y Fronts come to mind as we witness both Geelong and Fremantle get caught too close to the fire in this week’s finals, glowing vaguely like the Aurora australis before dimming at the final breathe of their season. I’m sad and … Continue reading

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