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Mick’s Big Moments Round 6

Another Anzac day comes and goes and still we are no closer to the truth. Where is Essendon, West Coast and Fremantle? After the annual morbid talk of the state of the goal and the need to reduce player numbers … Continue reading

Tiger Survivor

Richmond emerge to survivor style “the tribe has spoken” drumming from a group of enthusiastic youthful Punt Road volunteers. The 12 o clock arm lift and skin hit technique as favoured by new Beatle Ringo Starr back in the Cavern … Continue reading

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99 Luft Balloons

From the constant torrent of one sided abuse masquerading as barracking from the Bourbon infused Pie supporter behind us, you’d think Anzac Day was a commemoration of umpire injustice. We’re deep in the Magpies members, city end amongst the solemnity … Continue reading

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Kicking your can all over the place

The young teenage girl in front of me spent the majority of the final quarter of last years Preliminary final with her head in her lap unable to witness the response of her beloved Hawks to a 20 point deficit. … Continue reading

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Micks Big Moments Round 5

Amazing roller coaster round where tipping predictions torn into confetti and thrown gleefully in the air! In other scintillating insights: Coach Brad Scott and the North Melbourne hierarchy pushed to decide whether Majak Daw is beefcake marketing figurine or genuine … Continue reading

Mick’s Big Moments Round 4

A kind of pattern begins to emerge as teams begin to sort themselves out. A number of teams in the comp are – in the celebrated parlance of Peter “Sensational Seventies” Landy, in “more trouble than the early settlers: Serious … Continue reading

Setting Suns

The journey down to Warrnambool for a mates 50th takes me off the couch and on the road during game time for the Hawks Suns round 4 clash. As with all non football events, I breathe a contented sigh when … Continue reading

Mick’s Big Moments Round 3

Another round down as we begin to distil the movers and shakers of the competition. Things that floated up for us include: A flog. That’s how Matthew Lloyd was described on social media after his declaration that he didn’t rate … Continue reading

Enter the BoomBox II – The Return

Hope is the one constant in the AFL. Each new week brings the promise of redemption if coming off defeat, affirmation if coming off victory. For the past few years Kangaroo supporters have taken affirmation from the important victories that … Continue reading

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Ross Lyon – Overman?

For many Footy philosophers, Ross Lyon embodies Nietzsche’s concept of the “Overman” who questions old, established AFL Christian values in his bid to create a new morality that drives the teams he coaches to dour, wholesome yet accountable football choices. Lyon … Continue reading

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