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Monthly Archives: June 2014

A day in the life of the back pocket player

Coldest I’ve ever been? Try sitting up in the back pocket back in ’74 against an opponent that hasn’t had an inside 50 since the Gippy hills echoed with that first steam train on the newly opened Great Southern Railway. … Continue reading

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Micks Big Round 14 moments

To reflect there was enjoyment to be had out of the Richmond Sydney clash was like saying you watch “Embarrassing Bodies” for the medical insights. A low scoring battle, the match a continual scrag of bodies moving randomly under it’s … Continue reading

Bucks outwitted

Regular readers will recall my previous failed attempts to bring order and civility to the interpersonal conduct during the game where my partner Erin’s Magpies lines up against my Hawks. Earlier in the week there’s talk of going down to … Continue reading

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Chip Gut

A rapidly expanding waist line is the compromise required to collect AFL Tazos packed into potato chips. I was a fit middle aged man running up to 25 games a week refereeing basketball yet I was carrying a gut. Well … Continue reading

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Mick’s Big Round 13 Upsets

Amongst the predictable beltings this round, came a rich seam of match day beauty producing alluvial contested gold. We begin by musing on the notion that if St Kilda was a grape we’d be collectively quaffing them after Geelong’s savage … Continue reading

Leave your Pets at home

Collingwood purport to have over 70,000 paid up members yet only 28,339 fans in toto made it into Etihad stadium for this game. The game had a late start but really you’d reckon a few more of the faithful would show … Continue reading

Round 12 Mid Season Review

Half way through the season and we’ve just about shut the gate on the final 8. About 10, maybe 12 teams remain in the hunt for Red September, the rest just making up the TV numbers as inevitably season tickets … Continue reading

Dead Men Walking

Mental disintegration in an AFL side is a tragedy unfolding in the form of the Richmond Football Club, the classic metaphor for a lack of global action in the face of an impending rise of terrestrial temperatures that threatens to … Continue reading

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Mick’s Big Selfies Round 11

A lack of discipline brings Carlton  more undone on and off the field than the collective open flies on degenerates sharing their shoppin’ on social media. All over the beggin bowl Lions into the last quarter, Carlton experienced stalwarts Jarod Waite … Continue reading