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Love dont live here anymore

The air was distinctly clear. Light carried far from the MCG, over Port Phillip Bay a dark glow hinted at a potential dousing sometime during this blockbuster. A millimetre or two had peppered our seats on the half forward flank, … Continue reading

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If you believe they put a man on the moon

This week, 45 years ago, Neil Armstrong stepped off the lunar module ladder and placed a tentative foot upon the surface of the moon. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” he said. Half a billion … Continue reading

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Moments found wanting in Round 17

I’ve long been found wanting – since time immemorial – like the time I was advised of this by my father under heavy harvest stress when I totally botched the corner raking on a hay windrow making it impossible for … Continue reading

Wall of Sound

Everyone talks about the noise, the sheer wall of Adelaide oval sound. There’s over 50,000 stuffed into every seat, burrow and bow at the ground. It’s an unsettling surprise, reminds me of an incident last summer while in search of … Continue reading

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Mick’s Round 16 RANT!

Upsets and boilovers, this round is beset by upside down results that raise the metabolism in July but be barely remembered in September. Well, that’s what I wanted to tell the Roo’s supporter who baited me on the siren. Hawthorn … Continue reading

Arden Street – what the hell is goin’ on?

It’s a long way to the top…of Etihad Stadium when you’re on the general admission gravy train. Last on the fan revenue food chain, no one in authority there really knows where you can sit except a vague generic insight … Continue reading

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If I wasn’t in front of the heater, I’d hate Round 15

John Lennon and Mick Malthouse on the same page? As artists they’ve looked into that deep dark truthful mirror on occasion, often to question the very essence of their life long passion. So let’s compare their lyrics. Firstly, Lennon’s Yer … Continue reading