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M23 Standing Room 11.05 am Grand Final morning Hawk Vikings revel in the post siren nirvana. The last ellipse of sunlight closes the chapter on Grand Final day. The Cup

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AFL Grand Final Pre Game Entertainment Triumphs

footballAll public performances are triumphs – of talent, will, even audacity. Check out these nuggets in the class continuum that is AFL Grand Final Pre-Game entertainment. Allow our intros to serve simply to set the context by which you be … Continue reading

True Believers

It’s the final for the fans, the die-hard true believers; a last chance hotel where the tenants endure the nightmare of their own heartbeat from the partying room upstairs of 4 quarter anxiety. It’s often the loudest final too – … Continue reading

Crackajack Tweets from the 2014 Brownlow Medal

Gonna be a long night.. "You want something to help you stay awake?" #Brownlow2014 pic.twitter.com/HlJClc6b2n — Titus O'Reily (@TitusOReily) September 22, 2014 All hail the winner… If that doesn't make the kids eat their fucking crusts……nothing will. #priddis #Brownlow — Malted … Continue reading

Brownlow Magnificence Continuum

Enjoy our top moments in Brownlow infamy. The heart wrenching, rendering, and stopping moments that will live on for ever as chosen by Mick’s Footy Blog. Hover your mouse over each moment to take it the magnificence.

Now there are 4

Just what is the exact difference between a parsnip and a carrot. And don’t give me “er….colour?”. I pondered this tonight on the plate before me and quickly got the answer in the form of the Adelaide Football Club. The … Continue reading

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Fine white line between pleasure and pain

The to camera interview with Trent Cotchin, Richmond Captain, wearing a sparkly leather vest, make up and studded dog collar during Mad Monday celebrations belied the severity of the all time domination by Port the day before in the Elimination … Continue reading

BQuaD resurrects Troo Roos

BQuaD – that is Big Boy Ben Brown to you, ┬áis a big boned Tasmanian who languished in the TFL before heading to Werribee for one more crack that succeeded with his drafting by North Melbourne last year. A great … Continue reading

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Ghost of a Mission Accomplished

The footy beanie has long been maligned as the fashion province of the “wack job” when worn outside of game day or work/school “footy dress up days”. Yet I’ve worn one consistently for over 50 years in a variety of … Continue reading

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