3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Drop Drop Drop

I thought Port would come out white hot after their fade against the young suns of guns. How wrong I was. I feel for Chad Cornes – took 3 great marks only to have each one taken off him due to interchange cock up, running over the mark, off the ball whack. Now he’s dropped. Lot of talk about culture. Didn’t you love those “Allan Scott – You were Wrong!” days accompanied by tie pulling and bar fights with off duty crows? Now we are peeling back the culture like gum on a well worn sole.

Boomer Harvey kicked two goals of the year. One from a pick up and pack snap from 40 metres. The other after 5 bounce, sell dummy, Scanlen’s footy card style baulk and drill down the throats of the faithful. Port just feel apart. Now Cornes is dropped and the assistant coach is silenced.

Roos face Cats who have tended to hand out spanking in recent meetings. To go and stand amongst all those cats? Last time it was the Ablett masks from the “Addy” – what this year? Osama Bin Thompson Dartboards?
Oh No – I can’t do that – I hear the call of the couch siren!

North Melbourne 18 25 133 d Port Adelaide 10 13 73

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