3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Are Roos Electric?

Big game, line in sand game, talk is over game. And that’s just for the bloke checking the bags at the gates. Dees jumped the Roos first quarter and 5 goals out. Scotty gave em hell in the second and the Roos scratched it back.

Then the pear emerged in the shape of dual Dee injuries and the vacancy in the ruck caused by pre game check out of the “Big Russian” Mark Jamar. Roos found their rhythm, the fans went from baggin to cheerin and the leather rain started. Dees had been heavy on the tweet after Jacky Trengove coped 3 for his sling from the tribunal. Thankfully Gary Numan in town this very night to repose the question first asked 30 years past – “Are friends electric?”

Loved watching Wellsy torped 60 metres from half back into a two on one chook raffle to turn the game. Add a specky from Goldy and an Aaron Edwards “back in town….again” set of 5 goals after 10 in the Twos and you get the sense of momentum.

Thoroughly enjoyable day – bloody cold though. Warmer outside than in Ethihad. Even buggar is sharpening the axe for Dean Bailey. Wouldn’t you love to see big Neita in the big chair? Now there’s an electric friend.

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