3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….


Hawks were booed at quarter time after scoring one point to St Kilda’s 5 goals. Considered leaving for the Fassbinder festival at ACMI but hung in and by half time we were up on our feet to cheer the boys in for some oranges and cordial. By games end collectively as fans we were in awe at what had just transpired.

Nicks men went from Saints to Somnambulists in under ten minutes as the Hawks clawed their way back despite losing David Hale and Stephen Gilman to awful knee injuries.

The brick shitehouse Brent “The Return of Martin” Guerre enjoyed his 200th game. He’s been a champ in the Andy Collins style. Fearless, calm, reliable but you still have your heart in your mouth when he gets the pill.

The Bud was extraordinary, despite some early sprays emerged to bomb 2 55 metre plus sputniks that would put hair back on the social networked frame of Big Nick.

Roughy went into the ruck and adapted like the proverbial pig in .

Sewell was hammered at the end of each pack with the ball. Holding up, getting first use, taking the hits for the sake of the hide. God he’s good.

The dream is over! Happy birthday Buddha!

Steve Baker back out for throating The Osbourne. May not be seen this way again.

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Hit me on the chest with your centimetre perfect pass