3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

If I wasn’t in front of the heater, I’d hate Round 15

John-Lennon-the-60s-17810225-500-399288664-mick-malthouseJohn Lennon and Mick Malthouse on the same page? As artists they’ve looked into that deep dark truthful mirror on occasion, often to question the very essence of their life long passion.

So let’s compare their lyrics.

Firstly, Lennon’s Yer Blues from the Beatles White Album masterpiece released in 1968:

“Black cloud crossed my mind
Blue mist round my soul
Feel so suicidal
Even hate my rock ‘n’ roll
Wanna die yeah wanna die
If I ain’t dead already
Ooh girl you know the reason why” 

Now singer songwriter Malthouse’s virtuoso effort

“If I wasn’t coaching, I’d hate the game. We don’t see the contests of yesteryear. I don’t know if the public really enjoy that …At the end of the day, we’re supposed to be entertainers. Maybe down the track, and we do have some say in where the game is going, we’ve got to change it.”

Thankfully Lennon’s sentiments were an existentialist channelling of the angst his felt about not getting moved by the guru like George. He went to reiterate again and again in his music that love for his rock n roll. But what about Mick? Never one for public joyous incantations about the game, could it be that after 633 games coach at 3 clubs for 363 wins, 264 losses 6 draws (including that 2010 Grand Final) and 3 premierships, Mick’s had a gutful? I can hear my employer now after such a public utterance about my work environment – “Mike? Do you see that door?”. Lawyers could then get onto the real game about my unpaid entitlements.

mig3Tba1hVBZcn6hmTKWTgQSo many sublime goals this year from the usual suspects Franklin, Rioli, Betts et al, but this round we saw Goal of the Year in the form Bulldog rising star Marcus Bontempelli’s elusive chicanery deep in the forward pocket. This magic came after he’d earlier levelled the scores with a brazen snap from centre half forward. Bontempelli pressured Demon back James Frawley into dropping the ball then took possession before weaving through opponents in close like a snake on a desert highway road at noon. His tight angle snap was all altitude following truly between the only sticks that matter.Despite having a surname that in the recounting reminds one of a slow building reflux incident, Marcus last week snagged a Rising star nomination. Dogs need some joy and a cult hero to hang the young kids commitment on into the future is like the club to a bone.

Colder than a well diggers arse down in Launceston as the sun loving Gold Coast Sun experience sphincter contracting conditions against the Hawks. Wind, sideways torrential rain, single degree temperatures both real and apparent undermine the young Suns bid to consolidate their spot in the 8. Reformed 2012 shanker Hawk Luke Breust defies the conditions to take his consecutive straight goal tally to 26. 2014 Brownlow medalist Gaz Ablett picks up 40+ possessions while Cyril’s troublesome hammy lays him flat for the second time this season so severe his finals are in doubt.

Kangaroos fall victim to Brisbane who rise to the challenge of winning it for their just retired skipper Jonathan Brown who took a lap of honour at the Gabba at half time. Roos Facebook managers maintain their gift for optimism after proclaiming how the lads had nearly clutched victory after coming back from 33 points down. Social media addicts were left to join the dots between a 16 point lead at quarter time to a 21 point deficiet after a 7 goal second quarter Lions tsunami. These clubs met just 6 rounds back where the Roos flogged the Lions by over 80 points. Post siren young Lion whippersnapper Tom Rockcliffe had some choice self-confessed “inappropriate” words conveyed to Boombox Harvey after the siren that generated more interest in the media than the ISIS rebels declaring a self styled Islamic caliphate or religious superstate that stretches from eastern Iraq to the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Serial headline grabber Eddie McGuire wanted compo off the AFL after 40,000 turned up on Sunday night to his Pies nearly lose to Carlton in the latest installment of the access all timeslots experimentation endemic this season. The class action against Ed seeking recompense for crimes against teflon remains unresolved. Western Bulldogs and Melbourne fans laugh so hard at this puffery given their imprisonment in this time slot for most of the season. AFL announce the end of Sunday and Monday evening games soon after.

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4 Responses to If I wasn’t in front of the heater, I’d hate Round 15

  1. Round 15 was a ripper. Totally out of the blue the Crowboys knocked Port from the top of the tree at Adelaide Crowval and allowed the other birds to resume their position on the top branch so you should be very grateful.

  2. Mickey Gee says:

    My Fox Footy comes through my stereo. I’ve not heard crowd noise like that for a long time. Certainly channel 7 dont know how to mic a crowd. We love your work Mr Crow Call but can your lads punch through into the eight or have they just won the battle and not the fight like that infamous night back at the Ramsgate Hotel back in 2002??

  3. Win-lose-win-lose-win-lose-win…if they manage to defeat the Giants this week I might consider they’ve won the fight with their own mental demons. But not before….(oh ye of little faith)

  4. Mickey Gee says:

    You may be right…my own Round 12 thoughts on Adelaide from this very erstwhile journal now looks very shaky:

    Adelaide – North Melbourne (if the real North Melbourne turn up, Crows are cactus), Essendon (away loss), Port Adelaide (Show Down – say goodnight Nurse), Greater Western Sydney (risky away from home if orange tails are up playing for their futures), Hawthorn (Hawk stars will be back and aligned – ouch!)… so that’s possibly 2 maybe 3 wins and already 2 games out of the eight require GoldCoast to take the gas. Verdict? Buggered.

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