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Rounding the corner into September moments Round 21

Injuries gutted two teams this weekend with vastly different results. Fortunately there was a family dinner party at our home which gave my pie loving Erin a rare out to avoid the carnage in the medical room and on the MCG that was Collingwood. Pendlebury gone in the warm up, Cloke wrecked his ankle, Reidy injured again early and Beams down too. A rampant Brisbane went at em like a tiger hitting the deer’s round the water hole just like on the National Geographic channel. Lions by 60 plus. Bucks devastated. Eddie hugging fans in grief and announcing a club summit to pick apart the club on field direction and mounting injury toll using the time honoured “wisdom of the crowd” technique. Anyone who’s been in the centre of a looting mob knows it’s the television that exits the building first.

After a promising start Melbourne are now in free fall after regular whackings the past few weeks, none more galling than the the serial bombing inflicted by an injury ravaged GWS down to one player rotation in the second half. Most tragic was the second knee injury suffered by big Jonathan Patton ward which will require re-construction. Members are back to the easiest and most freely available job at the MCG in booing off the Demons, a situation vacant thought withdrawn this season after those disastrous Bailey and Neeld years when it seem the club song was to be altered to “every heart beats boo for the red and the boo” .

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 10.59.11 PMDaniel Wells back in the side after that year long foot injury repaid the clubs faith by coming under investigation by the match review committee after a high hit on a woof woof opponent and a sneaky wack in the guts handed out to his tagger. By the start of the 3rd quarter the Dog’s were staring into their Vet’s eyes imploring to be put out of their misery. Boomer Harvey followed Wellsy example in getting an early start on the Vet’s task by driving his forearm into opponent Picken’s throat and finding his way into the umpire’s book. Roo coach Brad “Anger Management” Scott must be chuffed to go into a season defining game against Adelaide without two of his prized weapons.

The Tigers join Adelaide in lining up for a jab of of September action after 7 wins in a row make it mathematically possible to sneak into the final eight. The log jam for that 8th spot stretches through them both to include Essendon, Collingwood, Gold Coast and maybe West Coast. A fan released a terrified black cat onto Adelaide oval in scenes reminiscent of the “pig at full forward” unreleased to mock Tony Locket way back in the 90’s.

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 10.56.03 PMSome big possession winners put a couple of Brownlow smokies into the mix in Don Dyson Heppell with 39 and Hawk gun Jordan Lewis with 41 in a losing side against Fremantle. The Bombers came home after being well back against West Coast with skipper Jobe Watson erupting a 50 metre goal 10 seconds into his comeback game. Fremantle saved their best game for the year for the Hawks and after a first half shoot out catapulted 7 goals to 1 in the third. Big Pav kicked 5 after looking shot the week before. Nat Fyfe came out white eyed like he was a Bex habit sniffer in clocking Hawks Willy Langford and our man Jordan Lewis in the duodenum.

Carlton appeared robbed by the man in white, green, yellow and or pink for the second time at the death this season against the Cats after having their slender lead nationalised after a marking content miraged into an arm clipping free kick that was converted into the winning Cat goal. Some good news during the milk at Malted Milk House Park as the great man Juddy drags himself into 2015 after finding late champion form.

Buddy eclipsed his opponents total score with his 9.4 goals as his Sydney Swans clipped St Kilda senseless further entrenching their number one position.

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 11.07.07 PMThe round ended with the tragic news that Bomber legend and one time Melbourne coach – the “Reverend” Neale Daniher was at 50 suffering motor neuron disease that will claim his life with the next 2 to 4 years.

Daniher had been football manager at West Coast until last year until an unspecified illness at that stage forced his withdrawal from the club and a return to Melbourne. Tonight in an interview with one time team mate Tim Watson he revealed the nature of his illness, and his awful fate.

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