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AFL Grand Final Pre Game Entertainment Triumphs

footballAll public performances are triumphs – of talent, will, even audacity. Check out these nuggets in the class continuum that is AFL Grand Final Pre-Game entertainment. Allow our intros to serve simply to set the context by which you be the judge.

Maroochy Barambah  National Anthem 1993 AFL Grand Final

Maroochy put the anthem, and the Nation, out of it’s misery with this nerve wracked exhibition potentially explained by poor fold back. Scores of football BBQs were ruined searching for pets that took the assault on their cochlea as a instinctual message that the world was ending.

Angry Anderson Bound For Glory Live 1991 Grand Final

This is the high water mark, that instant when Angry morphed into a legend. The first and only grand final held at Waverley Park, that magnificent concrete coliseum built over Melbourne’s food basket in a rain belt where even dress up street resistance needed an umbrella. The only hero here who’d bound back from glory and bought the t-shirt of his gold medal Commonwealth games marathon master Rob De Castella whose face suggests “And I would rather be anywhere else, but here, today” – preferably in Nike.

MEAT LOAF AFL Grand Final 2012

You know when you blow up balloons at Christmas and hold the end so it makes a note descending screech as if it’s channeling medically diagnosed flatulence? This is that sound.

Daryl Somers  Waltzing Matilda at 1987 Grand Final

Only the chosen can pull off a white suit with sleeves curtailed to the elbow, exhibit chest hair couching a nice pendant while wind caresses your stay puft permed locks. Daryl filled in for that guy.

Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay

I was sceptical for this artist. I was wrong. True highlight in Grand Final entertainment. No-one knew he was even there until he whispered “Hello…” through the sound system. Ramped the tempo through Easy & Dancing on the ceiling before cradling the crowd in his hands with one in all in rendition of All night long. Quality Street.

Seekers – I Am Australian, Waltzing Matilda, Georgy Girl, Advance, Australia Fair 1994 AFL Grand Final

Is Georgy Girl Australia’s most magnificent pop song? “You’re always window shopping but never stopping to buy” line reputedly came to Athol Guy during a trance in an ashram back in ’68 as deep spirit vision of Geelong’s threepeat failure at premiership glory in the Malcolm Blight era.

Noel Watson – Waltzing Matilda – 1988 VFL Grand Final

The “It” Bush Boy of the late 1980s, Noel “Everywhere” Watson came to prominence with a stirring rendition of this iconic song in Australia’s bicentennial year. Heartfelt honesty. Quality Street.

JD Fortune/INXS – New Sensation – 2010 AFL Grand Final

Over 20 years since released with Michael Hutchence, this version features JD Fortune who won his role as a new sensation on a reality TV show to find the wild one’s replacement. Rumoured to be the performance that inspired Port to use “Never tear us apart” as pre match adrenalin fodder in 2014. It’s every man, woman and child for themselves when this is played at your Class of 1987 reunion. Watch this one and then never speak of it again.

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