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Bomber for a day #DonsTheSash

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Queen-For-A-Day-March-1958The march of 10,00 was on our heels. This is more game of wooden spoons than thrones. We quickened our step away from those public seating maruaders. As a “bomber for a day”  I can feel the tension of my companions – lifelong Essendon people – in fear of their own lest demand outstrip supply in those meagre strips of front row seats made available to plebs who dont reserve. So it’s important to get in before the mass of “Make a Stand” lest it become an omen.

Stripping is about the only thing we dont do at the turnstyle as wands wave about our body in search of performance enhancing explosives.  The two poached eggs within me dont register and finally we’re in and the rush to M2 behind the punt road point post sees sucess squatting in empty row 2.

So how does an #always Hawk end up in the Moonee Ponds moshpit? Mates. Old pal with her bomber lovin kids that have a bye from home sport up for a weekend in the big smoke on the art and the footy. Jasper, the older of the crew scores his membership right before the opening bounce before a suitably thespionically aware sister Davida.

Essendon emerge before a bevy of old stars urging them toward an unlikely victory. Old Sheeds, that lovable curmudgeon rascal presses the faithful flesh then is crowd sourced into repeating the infamous scarve twirling after beating the Eagles all those days ago. Feels like we’re in a parallel universe with Chad Morgan squeezing out “Sheik of Scrubby Creek” just one more time before midnight…and last drinks.

The future is from what the past has supplemented in journeymen joining the club (today James Kelly, Matthew Stokes, James Gwilt, Matt Dea, Matthew Leuenberger and Ryan Crowley) coaslescing with in the wake Bombers (Goddard, Zaharakis, the Merrett bros and 50 gamer Joe Daniher) filtered through sensational newcomers Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti and Darcy Parish. They take up the message of the march to the “tired Dees” to take the ascendency three times in the face of Demon resiliance then complancency before the fourth quarter inevitability of defeat.

Hard not to get swept up in it as pent up emotions are released like the vat man going about his work on the chip frier in M12.


Fans bathe in the glory and above expected UV levels,  of their noname team’s victory that many – even of the faith (Matthew Lloyd chief dreaming architect here) – thought would not happen in 2016. As I’ve said a thousand times in this journal, one for the true believers.


24 hours later we’re back at the G seeing Josh Gibson kick his first goal for Hawthorn on the way to raking up 43 possessions against a groundhog day Eagles stuck with a well worn 2015 Grand Final VHS cassette jammed on the moment Jack Darling drops a sitter and effectively the Grand final. Normal transmission had been resumed.IMG_7067

But was that woman behind me all that she appears??








Along with a blast from the adolescent past, kick to kick after the game. What laws of the universe are operating to prevent the personnel of the cranio facial unit to stepping in? Its like every kiddies face has a gravitional force field surrounding it preventing side ways noses and crushed tracheas.


A top day of bombering for a day, thanks Tam, Davida and the mighty Jaz.
Cheers Peter Sparkman for the creative ideas and execution regarding the AFP ;-)

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