3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Generals and Oxes everywhere

Kim Jong-un waves to fans on his tour of the Carlton Football Club Win Loss ratio defense shield system.

Kim Jong-un waves to fans on his tour of the Carlton Football Club Win Loss ratio defense shield system.

Expectation, venting, grudge. The round 2 clash between Carlton and Collingwood drew 84,000 fans to the MCG. The ex coach Mick Malthouse versus the former loyal captain and assistant coach Nathan Buckley.

It’s pretty obvious Mick Malthouse loves to read and find inspiration in the classic texts from the antiquities. Who can forget such pearls as the “Ox is slow but the earth is patient”  – but the origin? Confucius? Yoda? Mal Walden? Try Tom Selleck for the movie High Road to China in the wake of the Star Wars Premiership Triology.

Don’t forget the derivation of the Pies infamous 2010 flag winning forward press from the teachings of ancient Chinese warrior Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Even Western Bulldogs director of football Mao Tse Tung was mined for inspiration when paraphrased to describe Eagle Glenn Jakovich’s 90’s battle with Roo Boy Wayne “King” Carey:  “He who is not afraid of death by a thousand cuts dares to unhorse the emperor”.

It’s a long way from legendary coach Alan “Yabby” Jeans simple breakdown of football tactics:

  • You’ve got the ball
  • They’ve got the ball
  • It’s in dispute
  • What’s that chariot doing in the middle of the ground?

Love for Sale

Spare a thought if you will for the Carlton Football club staff who are currently spending every waking moment trawling the collective wisdom of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, looking for inspiration to lift Carlton into the eight. Some good quotes have been found but how do you incorporate references to boorst, rice and pork into the total message to the players?

Despite having a lot on his Plato, Mick went into this game perhaps under read and overlooking the philosophical motivation of one soldier who arrived at the Pies not longer after his own bunker was cleaned out in 2011. Enter Jamie Elliot who roamed free up forward, kicking 5 goals and being the difference in this over hyped game between the Master (the Ox)  and the Apprentice (the Earth).

The scorecard vision mixer at the MCG had a field day juxtaposing images of Bucks and Mick on the screen to test the crowd’s Pavlovian mood. Mick was booed roundly yet almost politely whereas Buck’s was cheered wildly.

I can cut Buck’s some slack on the odd broken phone in the box. He’s been one grounded Ox these last three years.

Collingwood 17 15 117 defeated Carlton 15 10 100

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