3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Black, White and Blue

Everything these days in a blockbuster for Collingwood. Still, no “BlockBuster Fatigue” this night for Mick’s Juggernaut in front of 83,000 thrill parched fans. Pies sparkled for 15 critical minutes in the second quarter to cruise to another win over the celebrated rival.

Collingwood 15 12 102 d Carlton 11 8 74

Why not relive some of these magic moments from the traditional rivals past encounters:
Who could forget Jezza being sent into the Nuetral Zone at Princess Park 1979? This is magic for my partner and I as were destined for life long union after this magnificent hit.

Or his big break in the 1970 Grand Final

Or Wayne Harmes in or out tap in the 1979 Grand Final?

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Hit me on the chest with your centimetre perfect pass