3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

Mick’s big moments – Round 1


A long round of footy teased and bored as we all went a weekend without seeing our heroes. Here’s some of Mick’s highlights:

FootyTips server failure during the first half of Round 1 and subsequent re-allocation of all tips to home game teams allowed me to wipe the slate clean of some diabolical tipping to storm home with 8 winners.

Interchange rotation casualties Carlton who literally stopped 30 interchanges short of the permitted 120 to fold in the last quarter against the “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” Port Adelaide.

Ross Lyon! I’d made Nathan Fyfe my Round 1 SuperCoach captain meaning double points and he had a blinder up until three quarter time WHEN HE WAS SUBBED FOR NO apparent reason!

Lindsay Thomas 2 magnificent riding hangers backed up by morale boosting majors were the only lightness in the Roo darkness.

The return of Marky MarkĀ  Pepe LaCras – the West Coast Frenchman back to his standard with 5 of the best after stunning post knee return. Lots of 5’s – Breust, Roughead, Westoff and more 4’s – Cameron, Gray, Bartel, Chapman, Thomas and Brown.

Collingwood on the bottom of the ladder. Sydney stunned. Tense week ahead.

St Kilda captain Nick “I have a dream” Riewoldt triumphant yet tender channelling of Susan Boyle’s reaction to her winning performance on Britain’s Got Talent on the siren in victory against hapless yet in-train messiah led Melbourne.

The joy of the expansion clubs and their likely dominance within the next few years prompts cashed up superannuates to rethink Greater Western Sydney property options.

Kerfuffle over match day food and drink prices saw me bring Coffee Bags to the Roo’s social club only to spill the lot over my roo bloo suede shoos due to hidden recess on the Urn table.

My SuperCoach:
Star – Nathan Fye, Fremantle (122 up to 244 as Captain)
Lemon – Sam Wright, North Melbourne ( 27 and 2 points in a row during rare Roo resurgence)
Smokey – Tom Langdon, Collingwood (111 on debut!)
Trade Bait – Lance Franklin, Sydney (54 and a lot of hype)

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2 Responses to Mick’s big moments – Round 1

  1. Haha what a funny ol way to start the season with a split round, very disconcerting, am I in or am I in? Tense week ahead is right #gopies

  2. Mickey Gee says:

    This could be where the rot set in for you viz a viz Season 2104. Personally i blame the split round here.

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