3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

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Fine white line between pleasure and pain

The to camera interview with Trent Cotchin, Richmond Captain, wearing a sparkly leather vest, make up and studded dog collar during Mad Monday celebrations belied the severity of the all time domination by Port the day before in the Elimination … Continue reading

Rounding the corner into September moments Round 21

Injuries gutted two teams this weekend with vastly different results. Fortunately there was a family dinner party at our home which gave my pie loving Erin a rare out to avoid the carnage in the medical room and on the … Continue reading

Merger Part 2 – Final fateful game

Someone in the AFL in 1996 must have been obsessed with the idea of wholesale dispensing of history by brokering unions, takeovers and mergers of Melbourne clubs, presumably to ease the load in supporting loss making teams in Sydney and … Continue reading

Moments found wanting in Round 17

I’ve long been found wanting – since time immemorial – like the time I was advised of this by my father under heavy harvest stress when I totally botched the corner raking on a hay windrow making it impossible for … Continue reading

Mick’s Round 16 RANT!

Upsets and boilovers, this round is beset by upside down results that raise the metabolism in July but be barely remembered in September. Well, that’s what I wanted to tell the Roo’s supporter who baited me on the siren. Hawthorn … Continue reading

If I wasn’t in front of the heater, I’d hate Round 15

John Lennon and Mick Malthouse on the same page? As artists they’ve looked into that deep dark truthful mirror on occasion, often to question the very essence of their life long passion. So let’s compare their lyrics. Firstly, Lennon’s Yer … Continue reading

Micks Big Round 14 moments

To reflect there was enjoyment to be had out of the Richmond Sydney clash was like saying you watch “Embarrassing Bodies” for the medical insights. A low scoring battle, the match a continual scrag of bodies moving randomly under it’s … Continue reading

Mick’s Big Round 13 Upsets

Amongst the predictable beltings this round, came a rich seam of match day beauty producing alluvial contested gold. We begin by musing on the notion that if St Kilda was a grape we’d be collectively quaffing them after Geelong’s savage … Continue reading

Round 12 Mid Season Review

Half way through the season and we’ve just about shut the gate on the final 8. About 10, maybe 12 teams remain in the hunt for Red September, the rest just making up the TV numbers as inevitably season tickets … Continue reading

Mick’s Big Selfies Round 11

A lack of discipline brings Carlton  more undone on and off the field than the collective open flies on degenerates sharing their shoppin’ on social media. All over the beggin bowl Lions into the last quarter, Carlton experienced stalwarts Jarod Waite … Continue reading