3 clubs, 23 rounds, A slab of passion….

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Culling Cats

Cats and the internet are a match made in heaven however this is not that kind of post. In the week leading up to this now traditional Easter Monday game between these two great rivals of the modern era, a … Continue reading

Mick’s big moments – Round 1

A long round of footy teased and bored as we all went a weekend without seeing our heroes. Here’s some of Mick’s highlights: FootyTips server failure during the first half of Round 1 and subsequent re-allocation of all tips to … Continue reading

Roo Cull

  A major cull of expectations began mid way through the second quarter for Roo fans during their opening round clash with Essendon. Jumped by 4 Don goals at the start due to a distinct lack of defensive accountability – … Continue reading

No turn for the Worm

The sun set for us in the Collingwood Social Club overlooking the Yarra Harbour, beer in hand and glorious weather a pretext for the prevailing opening bounce optimism. Enter the Purple monster. The sun rose for Collingwood fans after their … Continue reading

9 + Lives

Jeff Kennett sold off a lot of things during his time as Premier of Victoria in the 90’s. Power, schools, Gas, Freeways. If only he had got Cabinet approval to sell off his mouth. In the lead up to this … Continue reading

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Hop for your life

The Japanese tourist chose the most poignant moment of the third quarter to stroll, without the need to show his membership card, down our aisle amongst the North Melbourne members to begin taking photos of his “experience” at an AFL … Continue reading

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Crows pick eyes out of play

Erin is in a play. I need to do the right thing. Hawks playing at the same time. Hawks play their best footy during ACT 1 and ACT 2. Despite a rush home, an ACT 3 ends in a Dangerfield … Continue reading

Meanwhile on Level 3..

Its Round One – Pies V Port. Now, Bert loves his footy and his wife Colleen would too – except he cant cope with her insightful questions during the game. We’ve pressured him to become members, so to help him … Continue reading

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Out they come, Out they come – to train

Snags in the air mixed with the whiff of leather – who can resist? Always one that over indulges…

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Here we go…..

52 games accross 3 teams and 27 weeks of footy in season 2010 – can we repeat the magic?

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