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Micks Big Round 14 moments

To reflect there was enjoyment to be had out of the Richmond Sydney clash was like saying you watch “Embarrassing Bodies” for the medical insights. A low scoring battle, the match a continual scrag of bodies moving randomly under it’s … Continue reading

Bucks outwitted

Regular readers will recall my previous failed attempts to bring order and civility to the interpersonal conduct during the game where my partner Erin’s Magpies lines up against my Hawks. Earlier in the week there’s talk of going down to … Continue reading

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Hird to be Humble

Dons V Hawks. Lines in the sand, Grannies through the 80s, Brereton’s kiss on Duckworth, Lloydy’s final desperate act to lift his side against a ball chasing Brad Sewell. My hip has been slowly going and after not being able … Continue reading

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