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Biffs, Bumps and Brawlers

Before we realised the long-term potential for groundhog day style damage from a king hit behind play, we excused footy commentary that oscillated between “Ohhhs!!” and “Wow!!!” and the elegant “It’s On!!!”  so long as within the parentheis of brawls, bumps and … Continue reading

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Enter the BoomBox II – The Return

Hope is the one constant in the AFL. Each new week brings the promise of redemption if coming off defeat, affirmation if coming off victory. For the past few years Kangaroo supporters have taken affirmation from the important victories that … Continue reading

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Ross Lyon – Overman?

For many Footy philosophers, Ross Lyon embodies Nietzsche’s concept of the “Overman” who questions old, established AFL Christian values in his bid to create a new morality that drives the teams he coaches to dour, wholesome yet accountable football choices. Lyon … Continue reading

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Torn between two lovers

Club or Partner? The conundrum when your team plays your chosen ones club that no extract from a baboon’s cerebellum injected hours before a game into the love handles can overcome. In the spirit of relationship detente, my partner Erin … Continue reading

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Taming the (Wet) Tiger

Got cocky and got tram to G without raincoat and had to shell out $5 for poncho retailing at Ground on 2019 prices. Worth the soaking on the way home to see the Hawks slide under every contest, work the … Continue reading

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Black, White and Blue

Everything these days in a blockbuster for Collingwood. Still, no “BlockBuster Fatigue” this night for Mick’s Juggernaut in front of 83,000 thrill parched fans. Pies sparkled for 15 critical minutes in the second quarter to cruise to another win over … Continue reading

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