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Mr Bump’s Big Moments Round 8

Just pitched an idea for a book about a character called Mr Bump…. “Poor Mr. Bump – he’s always covered in bandages. He just can’t avoid bumping into hips, shoulders and elbows. On account of his accident-prone nature, he has … Continue reading

50 Shades of Swans

The pain of Friday night with Bruce and Dennis intensifies as the Hawks look spooked in the first quarter. From afar they seem taken in by the enormity of playing against their ol pal Buddy. Kicks are smothered, Buddy is … Continue reading

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Hawks were booed at quarter time after scoring one point to St Kilda’s 5 goals. Considered leaving for the Fassbinder festival at ACMI but hung in and by half time we were up on our feet to cheer the boys … Continue reading

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Are Roos Electric?

Big game, line in sand game, talk is over game. And that’s just for the bloke checking the bags at the gates. Dees jumped the Roos first quarter and 5 goals out. Scotty gave em hell in the second and … Continue reading

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Geelong ReBooted

Big crowd at the G to see the undefeated ones. Pies lose it after umpire over rules Pendelbury determined major advantage rule play on. Cats controlled it most of the night. Lots of Pies went missing. Had to happen. Means … Continue reading

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