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Stations of the {Southern} Cross

Out we come, out we come, out we come to pray for a win for the Roos today on Good Friday against wild card St Kilda. North built up the Friday night brand on their own, it’s zenith the heady … Continue reading

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Saints Traits

I have a few friends that barrack for St Kilda. Its a bit like having a family member who’s always got an aliment or too, terrible back luck with broken limbs, is short of a quid, cant quite dance, is … Continue reading

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Rise of the Hawk – 1971

As we approach the climax of the 2013 season, Season 2013 takes a look back during Grand Final week at Hawthorn Grand Final Glory from my living memory. The first in 1961 I was barely cogniscent of my own identity … Continue reading

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The point of rebuilding

Sainter Barry Breen kicked 5 points in 1966 Grand Final but its the last one which is now infamous. Watch the game today and tension is palpable from the old videotape – high pitched exaltations of expectation and the fear … Continue reading

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Future Proof Pies

The ol rivals meet in different circumstances regarding their relative influence on the competition. Saints enter this game on a roll having slumbered deep into the early part of the season with the post premiership draw/defeat hangover. The Pies enter … Continue reading

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Hawks were booed at quarter time after scoring one point to St Kilda’s 5 goals. Considered leaving for the Fassbinder festival at ACMI but hung in and by half time we were up on our feet to cheer the boys … Continue reading

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